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Right now, I'm trying to get as much done before one (or both) of the kids' schools calls to tell me that one (or both) or the kids are too blech to continue with his or her (or their) day. This morning, all four of us woke up with scratchy throats and achy bodies. No fevers yet, which would have made the call to stay home much easier. Still, I have a feeling this all bodes ill. No pun intended.

So I wait -- and clear as much off of my desk while I can. Not because I fear I'll be too sick to work -- that almost never happens -- but that I'll soon be trying to work while the moans and hacks of my beloved fill the air.

A couple of observations, unrelated to illness -

There is a current controversy about a building on one of the campuses where I teach. I couldn't give less of a crap about the controversy in question but remain amazed at how quickly and violently academics get their backs up and feel all persecuted. It is a wonder -- an irritating wonder, granted, because one of my least favorite things to do is to listen to adults sanctimoniously bitch about something -- the speed at which this righteousness occurs. Shame it can't be bottled as a fuel.

Unrelated to that, this video with Kermit the Frog just makes me want to find someone to hold me. It makes a lot more sense if you are fond of Wes Anderson films and Elliot Smith, which I am. Otherwise, it might not make a whole lot of sense.

Right. I should be working.


I heard a story recently about an academic building in which some of the offices had closets (or maybe an extra closet). Basically, the architect had taken advantage of any extra space in the walls where it wasn't being used for structural support, utilities, stairs, etc.; space many architects would have just left as dead space. But not every office was adjacent to some of this bonus space. The in-fighting over storage-rich offices got so bad that one summer, maintenance was forced to come thru and dry-wall over every last closet. If everyone couldn't have one, no one could have one.

One of my friends, when she was finishing up her Comp. Lit. PhD, would tell me tales of some of the academic infighting she was witness to (new lows in pettiness and posturing, which should surprise absolutely no one) and I kept asking her whether she was really, really *sure* that she wanted to go into academia? In the engineering dept. we avoided a lot of this--one, because engineers are by nature problem solvers and two, we were well-funded. Not much given to flouncing around in high dudgeon, your average engineering prof.

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