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qotd, pre-Wimbledon edition

"The spin is that tennis' quirks are part of the charm. It's like learning a secret code. If matches would be played in four 15-minute quarters and the scoring went 1,2,3,4, game, any imbecile could grasp it. A friend of mine recently remarked that, "Tennis is for the kids who took Latin." This is a good example."

-- From Jon Wertheim's column on how tennis is scored.

And, yes, I took Latin, because I am that big of a geek.

We are entering the most wonderful time of the year, btw. I love Wimbledon with a passionate passion. The grass. The pomp. The circumstance. The tennis. Watching Wimbledon and knitting is, perhaps, one of my most cherished moments of the year. Because I am that big of a Geek.


My Latin teacher gave me a copy of "Winnie Ille Pooh" as a graduation gift.

I took Latin at Allegheny. All I got was credit hours. Still, worth it.

Me too!! (Wimbledon not knitting, although I love other people knitting). I have impressed many a person with the fact that I know how tennis is scored since they assume I know nothing about sports (I was raised by a bunch of sports fanatics pre-cable TV with only one in the house and me the youngest child).

They taught Latin at Allegheny? Wow, where was I? I totally would've taken it; I had 9 weeks of Latin in jr. high and LOVED IT. (Yes, I am that big of a geek.)

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