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And some weeks, there's zucchini.


Fritters a la the Pioneer Woman. Good -- although I wish I'd added more cheese. Next time.

Soon I'm going to try some zucchini chocolate cookies. No, really.

Other than that, lots of greens, shell peas and more kale. Oh, the kale. Anyone have any exciting suggestions for three or four leaves of kale?


I really only like kale in sleek (

Of course, there's sleek and then there is sleek. As much as I love Ali Baba ( -- went there for lunch today -- I've had much better sleek at Khalil's House of Shishkabob (

I'd love to know what Khalil's does that Ali's doesn't.

hmmm...fried veggies. always good!

i just saw a recipe over at 101 cookbooks for zucchini ricotta cheesecake that looked pretty good. and we're heading into the season in vermont in which you do not leave your car or house unlocked for fear of gardeners leaving excess home grown zucchini inside...

I have kale growing in the garden, and I like to sautee it with sliced garlic and almonds.

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