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csa update

And some weeks, there's zucchini.


Fritters a la the Pioneer Woman. Good -- although I wish I'd added more cheese. Next time.

Soon I'm going to try some zucchini chocolate cookies. No, really.

Other than that, lots of greens, shell peas and more kale. Oh, the kale. Anyone have any exciting suggestions for three or four leaves of kale?

shameless self promotion, 297 in a series

A review of Stross' Saturn's Children in the Baltimore City Paper. I suspect I'm going to be getting a lot of nasty email from Stross' fans. Ah, well.

Vaguely related: Meg McCarron on gender in the new millennium. (Stolen from Gwenda Bond.)

In other news, today marks the day when the Hub and I tied the knot 14 years ago. I know. I'm stunned, too. How can 14 years move so quickly? Yet, they have.

I was going to insert a picture from the wedding here but realized that they would require a) rummaging through boxes in the garage and b) scanning. Which seems like a lot of work. I'll just describe them for you: I look like Heidi Klum. Scott looks like Nathan Fillion. Respectively, we're wearing a big white dress and a black tux.

I love you, Featureless Saint. May we have many, many more years together.

many things make a post

* OMG. It's full of tea.

* There are times that I can see the future. This is one of them.

* More font humor.

* If someone would send me to Scotland, I'd appreciate it. Even if I have to eat haggis.

* Who knew that cakes could make one so sad?

* Two SF/F links: Gwyneth Jones top 10 SF/F Books by women^ and great opening sentences of SF/F^^.

* The cross stitchers might enjoy these typography charts. I suspect there are knitting applications for them as well.


^ Has anyone read Cyteen? It's one of those books that I feel I ought to read but haven't.

^^ "In five years, the penis will be obsolete."**

** Still one of my favorite books ever. So much so that I might need to re-read it soon.

he's a goofy goober, yeah.

Originally, this blog started as a delivery device for pixs of the kids to the grandparents/aunt/etc. Consider this a return to the form.

Cory spent his weekend fixing our screen door:




Being a rap star dinosaur:


Riding his birthday tractor:


And letting his sister handcuff* him:


How was your weekend?


* When Maddy and Scott went to the Natural History Museum, the only souvenir she wanted was a pair of handcuffs. I can't help but think this was why.

words fail

A gunman opened fire at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalists Church in Knoxville this morning, during a production of "Annie, Jr," which featured the kids of the congregation. The kids emerged physically unharmed. So far, one adult is dead and five are critically injured.

It's the same church where Maddy went to day care during her first year of life. I know the building well, even though I never went to church there. It's a tightly knit congregation, by all reports.

[editorial comment]Some onlookers have expressed surprise that this sort of thing could happen in Knoxville, like Knoxville is too Edenic for nuts with guns, which is a load of crap. Usually the folks with weapons don't start to lose it until August. I guess the summer violence has started early in the mid-South this year.[/end]

There's not much more to add, really. Other than to express my sympathies for those who were involved.

actual knitting content, more or less

The Arse Kicking Sweater is too unwieldy to travel with so I worked on my secret project during my quickie trip last week. This is all that remains.


I'll show you the whole thing once it has gone to its intended. You are breathless with anticipation, I know.

My latest quickie project is a Mason Dixon chevron handtowel for our almost finished downstairs bath. I'd show you my progress but due to the pattern being wrong and my inability to read the errata correctly, I ripped the whole thing out and will start again. *lesigh*

Also in knitterly news - I GOT MY LOOPY EWE SWAP BOX! Woot!


It was waiting for me when I got back from the funeral. Which helped.


Included were some great socks, a sock yarn that I'd almost purchased in Pgh, Burt's Bees Swag and chocolate. There was another bag of Lindt truffles that has already been dealt with. Thanks so, so much to FidoKnits!

Finally, my latest obsession:


More on this later -- but I'm going to liberate some laceweight a la Amy Singer.

And a CSA update: No pixs, sadly, but greens season seems to be winding down. Last week, there were beets, which I roasted, and lots of zucchini, which I haven't done much with yet but am thinking about fritters. Any great fritter recipes out there?

many things make a post

* Finally! Jezebel confirms my feelings about Ann Curry.

* Also from Jezebel: Feeding your F---ing Family: a video montage of ads.

* If you need to eat Gluten-free, go to Long Island. And when it comes to Long Island, you know it's mainstream.

* How stock photography works.

* If you or someone you love has suffered from PPD (or any of its cousins), please read this, then take the action you are comfortable with.

* This has been all over the place but, still, if Feist on Sesame Street doesn't make you smile, then you are dead inside. Or, if Feist doesn't quite do it for you, Neil Patrick Harris as the shoe fairy.

* One of the things I've promised myself when I make a million or two is to buy every last piece of Heath Pottery I can find. Given how unlikely that is (given that I'm a writer and my husband's a theatre person), I can at least live vicariously through this tour.

* Knitted Anne Boleyn.

* While in Pgh, I had something I had never had before but that turns out to be a local delicacy: Almond Torte. Best cake ever. Now I just need to find out which bakery it was from and how I can make one. Ot move back to Pgh, which seems like a long way to go for a cake but it was that good.

* A Q&A with Iain M. Banks.

* Because all that time won't waste itself: Suburban Cat Herder.

now we are three

I am still amazed that in three short but busy years this wee little baby can become this big, goofy goober:


It's just a kick in the head.

When we wished him happy birthday this morning, he crossed his arms and said, "I'm not three. I'm two." Then he pouted. Apparently, he is against being three. Actually, he's just been against everything lately, which means that the next couple of months are going to be full of defiance. Woo.

Still, when not being stubborn, he's just a trip. It all works out.

Tonight we will celebrate with grilled hot dogs, potato chips and blueberries, which is one of his favorite meals. Dessert will be jellybeans, which is the only gift he requested. I also made cookies -- but once there are jellybeans in sight, I bet the cookies will be forgotten.

Happy birthday, dude! May you continue to abide.


Clearing off the memory card again, so some random pictures.

Trish, whose house I stayed at while in Pgh, gave me a special comb for the Trout. She didn't warn me that it would pull out enough loose fur to entirely consume my cell phone.


In case you were wondering, Trout doesn't miss it.


In fact, he'd be thrilled if I'd put down the blasted camera and get back to the combing.

Maddy spent an afternoon making sure her brother knew where his boundaries are.


He seems OK with this.

In sadder news, Maddy's beloved Blankie is on its last legs.


Yes, this was once a pink receiving blanket. I'm afraid to wash it. I'm also afraid to touch it -- but that's because it smells and is crunchy.

Soon, it will go to that lint screen in the sky. And the Diva will be very sad. The rest of us will cheer, quietly.