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* Finally! Jezebel confirms my feelings about Ann Curry.

* Also from Jezebel: Feeding your F---ing Family: a video montage of ads.

* If you need to eat Gluten-free, go to Long Island. And when it comes to Long Island, you know it's mainstream.

* How stock photography works.

* If you or someone you love has suffered from PPD (or any of its cousins), please read this, then take the action you are comfortable with.

* This has been all over the place but, still, if Feist on Sesame Street doesn't make you smile, then you are dead inside. Or, if Feist doesn't quite do it for you, Neil Patrick Harris as the shoe fairy.

* One of the things I've promised myself when I make a million or two is to buy every last piece of Heath Pottery I can find. Given how unlikely that is (given that I'm a writer and my husband's a theatre person), I can at least live vicariously through this tour.

* Knitted Anne Boleyn.

* While in Pgh, I had something I had never had before but that turns out to be a local delicacy: Almond Torte. Best cake ever. Now I just need to find out which bakery it was from and how I can make one. Ot move back to Pgh, which seems like a long way to go for a cake but it was that good.

* A Q&A with Iain M. Banks.

* Because all that time won't waste itself: Suburban Cat Herder.


Ann Curry -- meh and bleah. I concur!

Feeding the Fam -- I refuse to get sucks in (often) by the microwave packs of pre-prepared meat chunks. On those nights, we just forgo anything resembling real food and settle for drive-thru McNuggets.

Neil Patrick Harris -- why are all the cute-but-not-entirely-out-of-a-normal-woman's-league cute men with fabulous singing voices so gay? (the whole John Barrowman thing makes me weep)

Knitted Anne Boleyn -- simply brilliant. I'm hoping this is part of a series of all Henry's wives. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.

Mention not Barrowman's gayness. It helps me get through the day to think that he's not. (Not that that's anything wrong with being gay, just that it kills the illusion for me to know that I am *completely* out of his league as opposed to *almost completely* out of it.)

And, yeah, Anne Boleyn. If that blogger doesn't do a series, I might have to.

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