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shameless self promotion, 297 in a series

many things make a post

* OMG. It's full of tea.

* There are times that I can see the future. This is one of them.

* More font humor.

* If someone would send me to Scotland, I'd appreciate it. Even if I have to eat haggis.

* Who knew that cakes could make one so sad?

* Two SF/F links: Gwyneth Jones top 10 SF/F Books by women^ and great opening sentences of SF/F^^.

* The cross stitchers might enjoy these typography charts. I suspect there are knitting applications for them as well.


^ Has anyone read Cyteen? It's one of those books that I feel I ought to read but haven't.

^^ "In five years, the penis will be obsolete."**

** Still one of my favorite books ever. So much so that I might need to re-read it soon.


Haggis is good! If you've eaten scrapple, it's practically the same thing.

OK, that font humor was genius. Jean-yus.

And thanks for the cross stitch site. That will definitely come in handy eventually.

Not a big fan of scrapple. it's OK and all but maybe I've just not had the good stuff.

The Font Humor kept me giggling for the better part of the afternoon. Glad it's not just me.

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