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now we are three

I am still amazed that in three short but busy years this wee little baby can become this big, goofy goober:


It's just a kick in the head.

When we wished him happy birthday this morning, he crossed his arms and said, "I'm not three. I'm two." Then he pouted. Apparently, he is against being three. Actually, he's just been against everything lately, which means that the next couple of months are going to be full of defiance. Woo.

Still, when not being stubborn, he's just a trip. It all works out.

Tonight we will celebrate with grilled hot dogs, potato chips and blueberries, which is one of his favorite meals. Dessert will be jellybeans, which is the only gift he requested. I also made cookies -- but once there are jellybeans in sight, I bet the cookies will be forgotten.

Happy birthday, dude! May you continue to abide.


He's the Dude. So that's what you call him. You know, that or His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

And I must say, it's beginning to freak me out how much your children are starting to look like you two. It's part of their evil scheme to replace you.

As long as they wait until we are dead to replace us, all will be cool and froody.

Happy Birthday, kiddo! In my experience, three was a pretty cool age for both kids. The ugliness of the two phase passed pretty magically. But then, that's our genes, not yours. So...good luck!

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