shameless self-promotion, 296 in a series
now we are three


Clearing off the memory card again, so some random pictures.

Trish, whose house I stayed at while in Pgh, gave me a special comb for the Trout. She didn't warn me that it would pull out enough loose fur to entirely consume my cell phone.


In case you were wondering, Trout doesn't miss it.


In fact, he'd be thrilled if I'd put down the blasted camera and get back to the combing.

Maddy spent an afternoon making sure her brother knew where his boundaries are.


He seems OK with this.

In sadder news, Maddy's beloved Blankie is on its last legs.


Yes, this was once a pink receiving blanket. I'm afraid to wash it. I'm also afraid to touch it -- but that's because it smells and is crunchy.

Soon, it will go to that lint screen in the sky. And the Diva will be very sad. The rest of us will cheer, quietly.


Yeah, you can pretty much expect that much fur the next few times you brush him. If he'll let you brush the magnificent tail, you'll be surprised how much is actually there.

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