qotd, close to home edition
he's a goofy goober, yeah.

words fail

A gunman opened fire at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalists Church in Knoxville this morning, during a production of "Annie, Jr," which featured the kids of the congregation. The kids emerged physically unharmed. So far, one adult is dead and five are critically injured.

It's the same church where Maddy went to day care during her first year of life. I know the building well, even though I never went to church there. It's a tightly knit congregation, by all reports.

[editorial comment]Some onlookers have expressed surprise that this sort of thing could happen in Knoxville, like Knoxville is too Edenic for nuts with guns, which is a load of crap. Usually the folks with weapons don't start to lose it until August. I guess the summer violence has started early in the mid-South this year.[/end]

There's not much more to add, really. Other than to express my sympathies for those who were involved.


Words definitely fail to describe something like this. I just can't imagine what that congregation is going through, and how those poor children were traumatized. It just makes me cry.

This has really shook me. I have received a couple of emails from friends that were there and thankfully they are all okay. It is just so sad and the randomness is hard to comprehend.

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