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actual knitting content + a surprise

In addition to The Sweater (I'm up to the armholes!), I'm working on a Liberated Laceweight scarf in Blue Moon's Silk Thread 2, color Lagoon. The actual appearance of the color in question is somewhere between this:


and this:


I also discovered that I have a couple of balls of fingering that I don't particularly like and can't remember why I have them. So, I'm making long skinny tubes


that will eventually have the thumb-bits knitted                     

in order to make a proper pair of fingerless mitts. My goal is to see how many of them I can get knitted out of odd balls between now and Christmas. I'm thinking they'll make great teacher gifts.

This has nothing to do with knitting.

I was coming around the corner into the dining room a few days ago. This is what greeted me.


I'm still not sure what he was hanging on to.


The cats, of course, took no interest. Useless, I tell you. Useless.


I had a squirrel set up shop right above my front door earlier this summer. I would have just gone in, but I knew as soon as I did he'd run inside my apartment... and THEN what would happen to all the yarn?

Um . . . if you run out of teachers . . . I love fingerless gloves!

But what a great idea for them - beats perfumed soap any day.

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