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On Friday, the Diva and I were Farmers for a Day:


I don't know that it could have been more scenic. Click on the picture to really see the chickens and cows and hills.

We were too busy collecting eggs and moving goats and chickens (and talking) to take many pictures. Still, I did get a few.



We also met the turkeys (not pictured), one of which will become our Thanksgiving meal.


Maddy actually chased down a chicken (we were picking the fat ones who would be slaughter that afternoon) and carried it. I was impressed.


She also got to get on a horse, which was a highlight.

After the chores, we all helped make pizza for lunch. Maddy refused to eat anything, because the day had been without conflict and it was time for some. Ah, six.

Dessert was hand-churned maple vanilla goat's milk ice cream that was beyond yummy. Seriously. I was all I could do to stoop eating it.

A good day, all the way around, made even more pleasant by how lovely Denise, Kate, Tom and Shane are.


"hand-churned maple vanilla goat's milk ice cream"


You have no idea. So, so good.

Raining there yet?

No rain as yet -- but it's supposed to hit pretty heavy later.

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