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csa update

I've been remiss with the csa updates. Sorry about that.

If you find yourself in possession of a lot of yellow squash, this cheesy casserole is a great use for them. I'd show you a picture but it was consumed by the time I remembered my camera.

In other news, time for another book-related road trip, this one to a far off land that requires that I find my passport. Well, not requires but I get so much of a thrill out of having my passport stamped, I'm bringing it anyway.

Any guesses where I am off to?

I'll preload stuff, including a knitting debacle (with pictures) because sometimes I am not very observant.

A PS: You know how sometimes you just wake up in an inexplicably bleak mood? I can't be the only one who does that, right? Today is that day -- but this squirrel post at Cute Overload! made everything much better. Still inexplicably bleak, of course, but with occasional giggles.


it must be something in the air, because i just feel like lying around staring at the wall.

but the squirrels helped.

Let's just say that the only work I managed today was fairly desultory. And that Cute Overload has rescued many a bad, bad day. (And before CO, there was whatever Web site that had the puppy cam. Another guaranteed mood-lifter if ever there was one.)

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