in which our heroine loses her knitting mojo
qotd, politcal musing edition

i have seen the face of my destroyer

I have discovered many things about Canada -- but there are two discoveries I have made that make me happy that I do not live here*.

Number One:


Number Two:


I would end up weighing 500 pounds. I will be making a run to a grocery before I leave to stock up, however.


* The rest of the things that I've discovered totally make me want to move here. Of course, I'm visiting in August, not February.


I love Canada. I was so delighted to spend just 48 hours there about a week ago. And that was just Niagara Falls. Most of which is not my favo(u)rite part of Canada. I used to try to figure out how I could be Canadian when I grew up. (this was in the days before I knew about such things as work visas and so forth)

I really like Canada too, esp Toronto. And they are much less nutso (in the bad way) than the US.

My foreign chocolaty downfall is the Flake.

Any time I travel to the atates I am begged for Coffee Crisp's and Aero bars, while I bring home Rainbow and Pretzel golfish....

Coffee Crisp? I'll bet it's heavenly!

Trish -- I currently have a big box of Flake in my fridge from a shipment from a friend in the UK. I'm nursing it along until we're due to get our Christmas box from him. :)

Oh yeah! Every time I'm in Canada I bring back a load of chocolate.

Coffee Crisps are the best corner store chocolate bar you buy, IMHO. Every year at Hallowe'en we give them out (you can buy mixed boxes that have Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp and Aero bars -- they're one of the guaranteed peanut-free kinds), and I probably eat about half of the Coffee Crisps before they have a chance to make it into anyone's trick-or-treat sack.

Of course, for real chocolate indulgence, Green & Black's Maya Gold dark chocolate is where it's at. Don't know if you can buy it in the US though.

If you run out of Coffee Crisps before your craving does, I can maybe arrange to smuggle some across the border to you :)

Which particular bit of Canada were you in? You might have driven right past my house depending on where you crossed the border.

I was in Toronto, mostly, and drove through Hamilton and St. Kathryn's to get back to Buffalo, then home. Given a choice (and, um, jobs and stuff), Canada would be a great choice for when I've had enough of our political system, lack of courtesy, etc. I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel, yet, tho. We'll see how it goes after the next election.

We can get Green and Black's here and it is perfect for when you want "real" chocolate. But those Coffee Crisp bars are perfect in so many, many ways. Coffee and chocolate are always sooooo good together. It makes me wonder why no one here has come up with a similar candy bar?

'dora: I can get you the jumbo Goldfish box -- seriously, it's so big you could pack a toddler in it -- at BJ's...

Right now my Coffee Crack needs are met and if I had more, I'd just sit here and eat them all. Thanks for the offers. I might be singing a different tune next week, however.

I'm not nuts about the Flake, which is good, I think, because I don't need another candy to obsess about. I just can't figure out how to eat one without wearing half of it.

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