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I haven't had a lot of time for random surfing in the past few days, so today's pickins are slim. Hopefully, I'll get back to my normal level of internet slack soon -- but probably not until after Labor Day.


* If you like to laugh (and learn about the ways the brain can go wrong), listen to the first act of this.

* Sometimes I amaze myself with my own cleverness: the address now redirects here. W00T!

* Can someone explain the concept of the fleece-lined flip flop to me?

* Another quick question: I'm working on a story about inexpensive last minute Halloween costumes for kids. Anyone have any great ideas they'd like to share? Any costumes they have used/seen and enjoyed?


This book might be useful for the Halloween story:


This is kind of lame but I went as a "space traveler" for a couple of years as a kid -- it involved a lot of silver spray paint, which was applied to Moon Boots/rubber boots from the thrift store, a really fake looking plastic gun and an extension cord that ran from the gun to a fanny pack or bag (also spray-painted silver). The gun then becomes a "ray gun," you see.

Maybe kids today wouldn't get it, though, having not grown up watching Buck Rogers.

my son, at 2, refused to wear his costume (a cute tiger outfit he'd picked out himself, of course). However, since he has a big round head, brown hair, and a blue security blanket, I put him in a red striped shirt with jeans and he was Linus.

It's an absolutely total copout to just dress kids in their dance/sports/scouts uniform for Halloween. But, it's not cheating to put the same outfit on a sibling. Let the daughter be the football player and the son be the ballerina prima donna. :)

There's always the "Speed Bump". Black sweatshirt and pants. Roll two tires in yellow paint then roll them over the sweats.

I know. Pitifully lazy. But I really stink at Halloween.

The speed bump suggestion made me choke.

Max asked recently if he could be a pineapple for Halloween this year. Then, when he saw the joy of producing a produce loving child, he smirked and clarified: Sponge Bob's pineapple.

I am completely lacking a crafty gene. So a yellow sweatshirt with pineapple-y grids with a SB doll glued to the chest?

Or maybe I can just buy him some furry sandals and let him explain what they're supposed to be?

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