csa update
in which our heroine loses her knitting mojo

many things make a post

* For the David Foster Wallace geek who has everything. Note the two bookmarks.

* I'm developing a crush on current's Sarah Haskins. This time, birth control ads.

* Things that make us [sic}.

* Cards that say what you've been thinking. Click on "view inside pages" to get the full flavor. My fave is "Thanks for Being No Help Whatsoever."

* Must make Puffy Tacos. Who's with me?

* These LED Mason Jar Garden Lights are made of awesome.

* Infoviz may be my second calling. There's just something about the intersection of graphics and data that makes me swoon. (See also: these anatomy charts by Tom Giesler.)

* Maya Angelou on understanding character, stolen from Boing Boing. Weirdly, I do quite well at all of those, especially if you sub "untangling yarn balls" for "untangling Christmas lights."

* A Mighty Good Yarn on the True Austin Day (and burlesque, sorta).

* Great. Another reason to go and eat everything on can find in the Finger Lakes.

* So now I need to go buy every book Lane Smith has been involved with, especially John, Paul, George and Ben. (Scott and I have been watching John Adams and are now fascinated with this cranky man. See also: History just goes 'round and 'round part two: the Adams v. Jefferson edition.)


I had to make the dude a second bookmark for Infinite Jest. I think he'll be done in the next three weeks, or I'd make the jacket for him.

Also, let's thank Sarah Haskin's for the line, "I don't have an English degree for nothing..."

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