still more zucchini
a pleasure to pee

many things make a post

* How to run a revolution. Genius. No, really. No snark implied or intended.

* The Pie Goddess made tiny pies! And they are good.


(Grape tomato provided for scale. (They were also much prettier (and tastier) in person.))

* To Whom It May Concern: I want Adam Gopnik's job.

* Candy Bar ID Quiz. I scored 14 out of 20. (Stolen from Elaine.)

* Amy Butler now has gift wrap. This is very bad; and by "bad" I mean "bad for my bank account."

* Thanks to Emily, I now have a local beer to search for. I lean toward the Stout but, then again, I usually do. And, yes, their site is kinda lame in a "designed by boys" sort of way.

* Another bodiless foot, this one found on the Washington State shore.

* Until I can be knocked unconscious and shipped, this strikes me as the most civilized way to travel. Shame it's $10,000 for a first class seat.


As much as I like Amy Butler prints, I have one complaint: no purple (or very little). I mean, who can design without purple. It's insane.

a hint: (the corner store formerly known as) Woody's Market.

That tiny pie looks fabulous!

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