qotd, politcal musing edition
I'm a good bleeder


Haha! No, you're definitely not.In fact,every time I bookmark something Palin related on del.ic.ious and tag it with "Palin",I'm wondering how many people will think it's Michael Palin.

Right there with you!

The dude said she brings shame to the name.

I get tangled up every time I heard her mentioned and have to wait for my brain's logic filters to kick in with "no, no. Not the *cool* Palin, the McCain Veep one."

You're definitely not the only one mixing those two up.

Back when Siegfried and Roy's tiger went on the attack, I found myself reading a headline and wondering why Arundhati Roy had a metal plate put into her head.

You are not alone. Let's see, conservative values and the religious right. What next, the Spanish Inquisition? No, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Dude. That would actually make me watch the speeches this week.

"Always look on the bright side of life!"

Fortunately, a year from now we'll forget that she ever existed. It is evident that the Republicans think that women are stupid (Thank you, Captain Obvious). Leave it to the GOP to turn the nomination of a woman to high political office into an exercise of monumental sexism.

Too bad your first instinct was incorrect. Political donations for an old ex-leper?

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