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I spent my morning working on a story for the almost-daily about the Farmer's Museum's fall classes. Which was fun and all. But I did do what I normally do which is shoot five times more pictures than I could possibly use. Like these: 





While at said museum, I had a moment when I realized that I knew more about the carding, spinning, dyeing, etc of wool and flax than the historical interpreter did, which made me both happy and sad. That does mean that a whole new career path has opened up for me once the kids are more able to fend for themselves.

Also, I offer this merely as proof to the people (like my husband) who think that the hotel room I stayed in in NYC was really as small as I have described:


It is very, very nice to be able to reach anything one might need without getting out of bed. And it was a very, very nice bed, which made me not want to leave it in the first place.


Especially when this is the view.


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