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csa update, with carrot

When I unpacked the CSA bag on Saturday, I found something long and maroon bundled with two carrots, which makes perfect sense because it was, indeed, a carrot as well. Pretty, no?


I discovered too late that, like beets, these stain most things they come in contact with.


As for the taste, eh. These were woody and a little bit bitter. Dunno if that was just this particular carrot or all Aggie-loving carrots. This kids -- especially the Dude -- really loved them, tho.

As for the rest of the produce, I used most of it for corn chowder, with CSA potatoes, CSA celery and local corn. The only thing that wasn't locally grown was the dairy. How hard would it be to start a CSA dairy?  I would even volunteer to churn or milk or whatever it is one does with cows in exchange for some local butter.


The chowder is gluten free, even though the Diva refused to touch it. The bread is not GF and is Alton Brown's no-knead recipe, which I find much tastier than Bittman's. YMMV.


Try something that is an oxygen bleach. Chlorox2, Oxy Clean, that sort of thing.

I bought a bunch of multi-colored carrots once: yellow, orange and purple. (There was no way I could pass up purple carrots). Yeah, the purple ones were pretty strong. The yellow ones were pretty bland. I didn't notice any staining tho.

The people who distribute our CSA are also distributors for a meat/dairy farm from Lancaster. Not only could I get milk (I don't drink it) but I could also get lard, among other things. It might be out there.

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