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down on the farm

You can keep Christmas, fall is the most wonderful time of year.

Reason #1: Apple Cider Donuts at Willy's Farm.


Admittedly, this batch wasn't the best batch ever -- but they were still pretty darn good. Since we'll make one more trip out to Willy's before they close for the season, we should get the good ones next time.

Willy's, for those who aren't from around here, is a sort of local institution. In the autumn, this actual, quasi-working farm becomes a harvest fantasia, with pumpkins and tractor rides and a corn maze. The kids -- and adults, frankly -- go wild.

We try to go every year. This weekend's trip was prompted by my seeing an ad in the almost-daily and calling the Pie Goddess so that I could say "apple cider donuts" to her, because I know where her weaknesses are.

We flung our kids in the mom van -- the husbands had a golf thing -- and went.


This is why New York State squashes are so pricey.



The postal service was on hand to hand-cancel your mail with a commemorative postmark. (Click on the picture to embiggen.)

We'll probably go back on Oct. 11, when the day's special will be homemade sausage. Mmmmm...sausage.


The kids, with donuts. Only one of those pictured is mine.


The Diva, with a box of Nerds, which were her treat since she can't have the donuts. And her outfit was one of the day's highlights.



This is the "big spider web" where those inclined can do a little weaving.


Corn maze. We nearly lost the Dude in it.


The strangest baby I have ever seen.


Are you a fan of special postmark cancellations? Because I can get a pretty cool one. Let me know.

Oh, me too, me tooooo! I love fall. Love. Love. Love! Crsip air, windows open at night, pumpkins, apples, cider!!! We're starting to discuss a fall farm trip. I don't know when or where, but it simply is a must.

The Diva's jumpsuit and boots are excellent!


PL - to make bigger, so that you can see the details.

How can anyone not love fall? There's just something wrong with the fall haters.

The Diva has an eye for the fashion. I suspect that she's a reincarnated retiree from Boca.

And, Anna, thanks but no. I didn't even know there was such a thing as collectible cancellations. I tend to think anything with pumpkins on it is worth a picture.

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