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shameless self promotion, 300 in a series

many things make a post

* Why on earth would anyone think that another Hitchhiker's book -- written by Eoin Colfer, ffs -- is a good idea? Are there really no new, good,  original ideas left?

* Neal Stephenson points out new (to me) sources for various sorts of chant, which is the only music that I can have on in the background while working.

* New favorite campaign button, via Jung at Heart:

* True confession - I am a book mangler. I fold corners. I write in them using whatever implement is close at hand. I stick post-its in them. I can hear librarians everywhere cringing. (Speaking of - I need one of y'all to come over and catalog/organize the books on my shelves. They are out of control and I'm *thisclose* to starting a small fire to not have to deal with it. I'll knit you something, if you want.) Anyhoo - this little origami trick could save my books from some wear and tear. I'll have to fold one up to see if they work as promised.

* Note to self, make these gluten free apple muffins for Maddy.

* Writer's Block 911. Heh. (stolen from Heidi.)

* The Daily Show needs Sarah Haskins.

* Your tidbit of the day, from Harper's Weekly: "A truck carrying 20 tons of money from the Philadelphia Mint to the U.S. Treasury in Miami crashed, killing one passenger and spilling 3.7 million nickels onto I-95. "It's shiny," said Florida Highway Patrol trooper Kim Miller."

* The best news factoid ever, stolen from Making Light.


I think we need to spend more time in schools defining the word elitist. Really now.

I would come arrange your books, but alas, I'm not geographically proximate.


Someone with the name Rothschild should not be calling anyone else an elitist, unless they were disowned three generations ago and currently live out of a double-wide.

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