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As I was typing this, the letter carrier delivered a cardboard tube full of live ladybugs. Between that and the mail that is address to the Bookslut Spec Fic Floozy (who I haven't written as in over a year), I really wonder what the folks at the PO think goes on here.

More on ladybugs later.

* Keep this in mind the next time you go to McDonalds.

* Wee ickle sweaters for your holiday decorating needs.

* Is it wrong that I totally understand being obsessive about cake?

* This sandwich is calling my name.

* The best part about a new season of The Amazing Race is Josh Wolk's EW column. (Also, does anyone else think that Adam could be a long, lost cousin of Bill? I think we now know why Adam hasn't been blogging lately... (and apologies if you don't know Adam.))

*One of the many ways I waste time while writing is designing the book jacket for current and only imagined projects. If I could mold the universe to my will, I'd love to have a cover drawn by Peter de Seve  or designed by the same person who did this one or, even better, with interior illos by Franklin H. There's just something about the idea of "crowdsourcing" that also appeals to me. And speaking of, I would be dead flattered if anyone did any of these things to one of my books.

* Two from the NYT: Alternative medicine is slowly getting its days in science court and Winle Picker's Disease.


Next time I'm limping around with my bum feet, I'll tell someone I have winkle picker's disease. I think I'm just like my dad, prone to arthritis and bone spurs (big toe, both heels and one should all before 36 and I've never been athletic).

pssst... here's your Michael Palin / Sarah Palin connection:

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