shameless self-promotion, 299 in a series
some days just get away from you

many things make a post

* David Tennant and Catherine Tate, together again. In a classroom. (And David T in drag. And, because I can't seem to stop myself, the Doctor adlibbing instructions for Martha.)

* Two from boing boing: If good fences make good neighbors, what do these make? an Is it the science that's dismay or the economists themselves?

* It would be best if I am never allowed to play Spore.

* Hallowindow. Made of awesome.

* Knitted pundits. So ... cute?

* Related to a book proposal -- does anyone know how to get the BBC series "Who Do You Think You Are?" on some kind of format that a US-based person like moi could play? (Short of, you know, buying a Region 2 DVR, etc.)

* EW's "Oxymoron of the week" is the Big Lebowski Action Figure. Want.

* Even though my Andy did not make it to the US Open Finals, this video of he and Djokovic playing on kids' day helps soothe the pain.

* Finally, my favorite news story this month: Victim wakes to sausage attack. When the officers on the scene call it a weird case, it's something special.


Contact the BBC directly? Good luck!

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