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now the story can be told

Actually, it's not much of a story. However, there are secrets I can now reveal.

When I went to Toronto, I went to knit night at The Purple Purl. At said knit night, a couple of us swatched some yarn for Amy Singer, she of knitty fame. Her color is now all official and stuff. It's called "Amy's Vintage Office" from Lorna's Laces.

Because I am lucky, I took two skein of the test batches home, where they sat on the desk while I wondered what to do with two closely allied but not matching skeins of sock yarn. So I did what any right thinking knitter would do, which is cast on for a Clapotis. It's more scarf-like that the traditional Clapper. I'll post the details (for those who enjoy such things) on my Ravelry page.

I think this close up shows you the rich grays (love!) and the turquoise-y pop (love, love!).



I dragooned the Pie Goddess into playing model for me. Here she is looking wistful. What the picture doesn't show you is how freaking humid and hot is was here yesterday, which is exactly the kind of weather you don't want when modeling a scarf.

LL's Beth is a peach, by the way, and a package containing the mates to the sample skeins showed up on Friday. I may knit another Clapper -- or I might just knit a pair of very similar but not identical socks for myself. The jury is out.


Terry Gross replayed an interesting interview she had with DFW today. It should be on the Fresh Air website.

That is so freaking gorgeous...I think that is my favorite thing yet you have posted on this blog. I love the colors.

LOVE the colors. I need to figure out how to psychic-ly get someone to open a fabulous yarn store near here. All I have is Michael's.

Just made it to the Heroes of 9-11 link. Oh my .... how awful. Awful. Awful.

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