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qotd, breast milk edition

"We think of breastfeeding as natural and good and lovely, yet throughout history, in a variety of permutations, it has occasioned spleen and hectoring. Nobody has to beseech us to let our heart pump, our neurons fire, our menstrual blood flow. Breastfeeding is another matter. It may be natural for a woman to nurse her baby, but it is not guaranteed, and so it has been variously mandated by prophets, legislated by politicians, and hoisted onto a sociomedical pedestal that brooks no excuses or complaints. Lactation has not been allowed to be what it is, the business of the body. The mammary gland often has been underrated, which is why in the middle of this century infant formula was thought to be not merely a passable substitute for breast milk, but an improvement on it. Now the gland is overrated. We believe that it can make every baby into Izzy Newton or Jane Austen. Now breast milk as seen as the quintessential female elixir. Through it, we give more than a part of ourselves to our children, we give ourselves purified and improved. Our breast milk is better than we are."

-- Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier


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