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some days, there are camelids

I casually mentioned to Maddy that the local alpaca farm was having an open house on Saturday. She looked at me like I'd just offered to drive her to Disneyland.

"I love going to see alpacas! It's my favorite part of September!"

I was stunned, too. Especially since the last time we were there was over two years ago. In May. But I always appreciate enthusiasm.


So we went to see alpacas.


It had just rained, so said alpacas were looking a little bedraggled. Underneath that damp layer, tho, they were warm and soft and snuggly.


Her Divatude got to hand feed a flock (herd? fleece?) of the beasties. They yodel and grunt when they see the food bucket. Their snouts are at M's face level, which briefly wigged her out, but she quickly adapted. If a person was that close and nosey, she'd turn into a turtle. An animal, however, can be all over her and she couldn't be happier.


I didn't get any good shots of the girl and the animals together, sadly. Next September, maybe. Or, um, May.


Aww,they're so cute! I want one now.

The Heifer International farm near us is having their annual fall festival this weekend. No alpacas, but they have llamas and of course the traditional New England camel.


So cute. I love the alpaca!!

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