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back from the 'beck

I appear to have suffered from camesia this weekend. My hope is that the wonderful women that I was with (who I've known for almost 20 (!) years) managed to do a better job than I did. The few pixs I did take seem to be of animals (both of the mystical and actual sort), inanimate objects and babies.

Like this baby, whose cuteness floored me:


She's the granddaughter of the woman who was holding down the Briar Rose Fibers' booth, whose yarns, etc, are just as fabulous (in a different way) than this clearly loved nina's hat.

Speaking of awesome baby hats, I'm going to have to make one of these octopus hats for Cory and Maddy and maybe even Scott and I. I spotted it in the wild on the head of another fabulously cute baby but that mama was less inclined to let me snap a picture. Given that this was Sunday, just as we were leaving and I had to look like a weary, woolly crazy lady, I don't blame her.

I couldn't let the weekend pass without flirting with an alpaca.


He's all like, "how you doin'?"


"Give us a kiss, sweetie."


We also watched Australian Shepherds do their job with joy and reckless abandon. It should be noted that the sheep do not like that chute at all. Not even a little bit.


There were also artfully carved punkins, some of which were later flung in the air by large devices.


There were also gnomes, which appear to have defied my best attempts to get them in focus.


And by the end of the weekend, we felt like this puppy, very tired and very content.


There were purchases, of course, but they will have to wait for another day.


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