many things make a post
quickly. because it's Wednesday.

can you guess who picked out this outfit?

The Diva has been all about dressing herself lately. This was last Monday's outfit. How can you not love it? Plus, when she ran, it made people watching dizzy.


Fall is busting out all over, which is making it increasingly difficult to work, even though the work keeps increasing. This is the view from my office window.


We did dig out the Halloween stuff this weekend. The monster wreath is still with us...


... as are the felted pumpkins and thematically appropriate cross stitch.


No word yet on what the Diva will be for Halloween. If she could commit to just one idea for longer than 30 seconds, I'd be appreciative.


Yay! Monster Wreath!

Like a slightly pagan nod to Pippi Longstocking. Awesome!

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