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going batty, with pumpkins

dangerous food

This is about as bad as the so-bad-we-must-dismiss-early storm got. I am bitter.


Still, even bitter me, must admit that it was kinda pretty -- and having Maddy around gave me an excuse to work on the squirrel mittens, which just need thumbs now.

Over the weekend, in honor of Halloween, I made a treat that kept me in suspense. Below is what faux caramel looks like when finished and rests benignly beside some apple slices*:


In order to make it, however, I spent three hours nervously watching a pot simmer and waiting for an explosion. I love recipes that have a potential to blow globs of molten sugar all over the kitchen.

The technique (such as it is. really this couldn't be easier as long as you don't think too much about it) is fully explained here. Essentially, you take a can of sweetened condensed milk, put it in a pot, cover it with a goodly amount of water and simmer for three hours. Then wait another goodly amount of time before you try to open it.

It's tasty, too.

But, really, the best part was standing in the kitchen with my spouse thinking about what the resulting eruption would look like if the can underwent a critical failure. Good times.


* Macoun, which is my preferred out-of-hand variety.


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