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going batty, with pumpkins

It is amazing how much fun one can have with a headband and some bats on wire. I post these photos mostly for the grandparents as well as for the later generations who will marvel at our delight over simple things.



I believe the sentence I uttered just before Maddy snapped the picture below was, "would you just take it before Barney attacks my head again!"


I swear that he thought the bats were whispering crude insults about his mother.

Pumpkins, of course, have been carved.


This was the first year M got to use a sharp implement on her very own pumpkin. Witness the glee in her eyes. I hope it's glee. Whatever it is, I find it marginally unsettling.


Cory was only allowed access to a marker -- our goal is to keep him away from sharp things for at least 15 more years -- and Scott cut out the result. The front of the pumpkin is tragedy. See if you can guess what the back is:


And so we are now as ready as we're going to be for tomorrow.

In an unrelated note -- if you were discussing bringing your mid-day meal with you to school, would you call it a "sack lunch" or a "bagged lunch?"



I'm glad you said that thing about Maddy, because I was thinking it.

Also, just lunch. Never sack lunch, unless we're referring to the movie Elaine wants to see instead of the English Patient.

Bagged, definitely.

Though I have lived places where all bags are referred to as sacks, I've refused to give in.

I am with PL. Have also heard it referred to as "brown bagging it."

I would refer to just plain "bringing your lunch." But I would think "bag lunch" or "brownbag" is more common in my experience.

As for guessing the pumpkin: it's the Bloody Head Fairy from Ren&Stimpy!


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