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I can't seem to get the hang of Wednesdays. So, quickly, this week's CSA bag was full of a lot of the same stuff that was in other bags -- kale, potatoes, various lettucey greens, carrots. But then there were these:


I handed them off to the Pie Goddess, who'll have to comment on the quality of the 'chokes. While I think artichokes are one of the prettier veggies on the planet, I don't care to eat them. Weird, I know.

Also, more beets, which I will eat in massive quantities.

This coming weekend marks the end of the CSA. Our growing season is rapidly becoming too cold for life season. We have, however, committed to buying parts of one of the CSA pigs (including some bacon, the tastiest part) so there will be more "eat the view" news even after everything green dies.


I was going to say how early I thought this ending was coming, but I guess we only have a few more weeks, depending on the weather. (And just where are my brussel sprouts?!)

We have a few more weeks. We're still getting corn, tons of kale, collards (which I've told Joe to decline hereafter, for this year), peppers, tomatoes (kind of sad ones, frankly), basil and cilantro. Carrots, eggplant and zucchini rounded out last week's bag.

Have you looked behind your ears? That may be where your sprouts are. Or in your hat? You could wear your sprouts like a Welshman wears his leek.

Our CSA only does cornmeal corn rather than the kind your eat fresh. I'm OK with this, since the corn around here is pretty much everywhere and yummy.

Given that today it was 43 when I woke up, I'd say that our season is really on its way out.

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