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Back when I used to spend most of my time in an office that wasn't also in my house, one of the guys that I worked with used to do the same thing ever year when the new phone books showed up. Gary'd clutch it to his chest, channel his inner Navin R. Johnson, and shout, "The new phone books are here! This is the kind of publicity that makes people! Things are going to start happening to me now!"

Today, my new cards arrived.*  I just keep thinking about Gary.


How nifty are these? Love. This is the kind of publicity that makes people.**

The cards were done by Dolce Press, who were recommended by Unionpurl. The art is from iStock.


* I intended to have them before Rhinebeck, so that I could hand them out in a good and productive way. The letterpress had other plans.

** I am aware that you can read my address in this shot. Please don't come kill me or my family. The cats would be very, very sad. And hungry. Besides, I have a big dog who will eat your face if you even try it. And a gun. Which the dog knows how to use. Or something.


Totally cool. They look like they feel nice as well. If it is any consolation, it took me three seconds to find your home address online elsewhere. So it doesn't matter much that you've shown it in this shot. But I think you could make a killing with the weapons trained big dogs that can tear off faces.

Letter press! How incredibly cool. So much better than InkJet. I also already knew your address.

Beautiful cards! She did a gorgeous job--the logo is wonderful. You just can't beat there's an investment that won't tank!

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