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* What it is like to live with the Dude.

* Candy Corn demystified. This does not explain, however, why it is impossible to eat just one piece.

* Planet Money: the podcast you really ought to be listening to. Srsly. The fact that I now understand what a CDO is, why it seemed like a good idea and why it wasn't is proof alone that this podcast can explain economics to even the most non-economically inclined brain.

* Frank Bruni's review of Candle 79 hits on the thing that has always made me nuts about vegan/vegetarian restaurants, which is the compulsion to make plants look/taste like meat. No, I don't want a "hamburger" that is vegan. I want something that is what it is and doesn't attempt to pass as something else.

*There are many social situations that we are just not prepared for. Cherie Preist has discovered another one of them. What could one say, other than, "wow. that just sucks."

* What I will do next time I'm near Rockefeller Center.

* In case you failed to appreciate the wonder that is blood.

* Sedaris on undecided voters in The New Yorker.

*  First step when confronted by terrorism: Do Not Discard Brain.

* If, as this nightshirt tells me, I'm supposed to "Sleep Naked," why do I need to buy the nightshirt in the first place?

* As myfriend Trish puts it, Margaret and Helen are my kind of old ladies. May we both endeavor to be the same.

* Mark Lamb! In the New York Times! I know him! And am excited for him! Great is my woot!


I don't get the fake meat thing either. There's so much you can do with the plant kingdom. Why would you want to limit yourself to pale imitations of the same old stuff you can get everywhere else? (BTW, I won't be having tofurkey for Thanksgiving.)

I'm half tempted just to get one for my own amusement. I'll refrain.

Thanks, A. Several of those links brightened my day and/or made me think and feel grateful.

I hope someday you'll find the time to write more about David Foster Wallace & what his work meant to you.

I've been hooked on the Planet Money podcasts for the last two weeks. And while they fill me with fear, they're incredibly informative. Although the number of times I've yelled "are they IDIOTS?" as some new feckless financial stupidity is explained is legion.

(I will also add that hearing both Paul Krugman and Alan Greenspan use phrases like "terrifying" to describe our current economy is deeply discombobulating.)

I love the Margaret and Hellen blog, and that David Sedaris story. I got to hear him test that one out live before sending it off to the press which was so cool!

I relish in the political demise of these idiiots as well, but hearing of their daily tweedle-dee/ tweedle-dipshit retorts tend to leave me in a state of dispair for those who think that just maybe Miss Wasilla has something going for her besides REALLY BIG HAIR. However...just can't stop reading. More more more! blog embraced...

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