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(FYI: the "many things" post will be tomorrow...)

I managed to escape from Rhinebeck* with very little in the way of stuff. Right now, I have enough projects either on the back-burner or in progress that I find it very easy not to accumulate more.  Besides, I don't have that many places where I could put it.

I did finally get something that I've been eyeballing online for months: a mug from Jennie the Potter.


In the mug is the fiber that I couldn't resist:


It's 100 percent silk from Oak Grove Studio in Desert Sand. The beads seem to have fallen in there, too, somehow, because they would look great on the edges of the scarf that I intend to make.

I also picked up Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders and a box of fudge that has rewritten all that I thought I knew about fudge. Did you know that Pumpkin Pie fudge is the crack of the fudge universe? There's only one piece left. Things could get ugly.

I toyed with picking up a print from Conni Togel but couldn't commit. I also toyed with sweater kits from Swift River Farm and the always fabulous Yarns Internations but, seriously, I have enough to do.

I believe that's the sum total of the haul. Sad, eh? Still, I could not be more satisfied.


 * Not to be confused with the little known** movie of the same name.

** Alright. "Escape from Rhinebeck" exists only in my own mind. But if you saw the parking lot at 5 p.m. on Saturday, you could easily see how it'd be a fine action film.


seriously. you HAD to go get the URL? i am down to two pieces of the Dark Chocolate and what the hell am i going to do now?

cannot order more. especially the pumpkin that you say is so good.


Ha! I, too, came home with one of those mugs. and drinking my morning tea from it has made me happier than a simple piece of stoneware should. I think I saw you at Rhinebeck but didn't want to sashay up as a total stalker type to say hi.

I also realized I had bought a lot less than I could have.

"Escape from Rhinebeck" - doesn't that feature the cry: "Yay, Golfcart Man!"

In other news, I do indeed have jury duty tomorrow and I'm not allowed to bring my knitting. :-(

I'm not sure there was much action in the parking lot at 5pm. It was more like a snoozer. But there was probably a lot of action when they opened the fleece sale!

Fun to see you.

But damn--I should have bought some fudge.

Dudes. The fudge. So, so good. Next time I will buy it in massive quantities. You'll all be very proud because I actually shared the last piece with Maddy. SHARED. I'm a giver.

Melaine! You should have said something! No stalkerishness implied. Besides, I've been known to give my stalkers fudge. I'm just sayin.

And good to see you, too, Katy. And glad that you seem to be blogging again.

Jury duty without knitting seems like cruel and unusual punishment. It's there a law?

It was jury duty without knitting OR wi-fi. I complained to anyone who would listen. I made doctors appointments just for "fun." (been putting that off) It was boooooo-ring! The good news: I did not get selected.

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