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Today marks the the first day of my two-day break from classes. And, because the glamour never stops around here, I plan to spend it transcribing interviews (loathe this), doing laundry and playing "what's that smell?" in our bedroom. I also have a ferocious headache. Woot.

(For those who want to follow along at home, "what's that smell?" is second only to "what's under the couch?" when it comes to games that frequently end in disgust and/or despair. My current theory on the smell in the bedroom is that some small critter died/was killed under the floor or in the ceiling. I could be wrong on this. Barney keeps staring at a spot near my closet but I can't find anything there that smells. The hope is that whatever it is will decompose completely without drippage or be found and disposed of. Again, the glamour never stops.)


Some pixs:

The Autumnal cross-stitch is done. See if you can spot the chowder-headed mistake I made:


Said mistake has now been fixed and it is all off to the framer.

Barney's opinion of my work:


I've started something new and is *gasp* knitted:


Yes, I do seem to be fixated on squirrels right now.

The first bit:


Here's the problem - I'm using a yarn that is just a skosh heavier than that which is called for and I'm starting to think that the result is going to be too big for standard-issue size human hands.  (In the below picture, keep in mind that I have very bony wrists and very, very long fingers. My hands are not standard-issue size but the hands of the recipient of these mittens are.)


Should I rip and start again with the right yarn? Should I merry knit along and hop for the best (or felt it ever so slightly when I'm done)? Thoughts?


Do these mittens have a thumb gore? If they don't, they will have to be wide enough to fit around your giftee's hand at the largest point. I love to knit mittens, but who would think something that should be so simple has so much fitting and shaping involved?

I hadn't thought of the gore thing. Hrm. No, they don't have one. Right now I plan to knit on and see what happens. Could be fabu; could be tragic. Isn't that the fun of knitting?

I hate transcribing interviews too. Because I sound so stupid, it's this giggle thing I do that I would never know I was doing if not for the digital reproduction. I hate myself. And it takes a really stupid long time to do. Tedious.

I've gotten over how stupid I sound on tape. It's the tediousness that gets me. It's like driving through Ohio, which always feels like it takes twice as long as it actually does.

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