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like a baby stoat

a little squirrelly

I finally finished the squirrel mitts*:


The palm:


Because of the time change and the fact that it would be dark before I had a chance to take a picture of these, I carried them up to campus with me and drafted the theater's ATD Kait***  as a model.

The specs are: Squirrelly Swedish Mitts in tove ullgarn from sandnesgarn, purchased at the great Romni in Toronto. They are a very late birthday gift (or a very early one, depending on how you look at it) for a non-blogging friend. I'll get 'em in the mail tomorrow, after I go vote.


Also in the yarn-y category, I won something! On a lark, I entered Knitting from Outer Space's housewarming contest, even though random number generators hate me. Lo (and behold) I won. And I didn't even have to do anything strenuous. Hooray.

In the hand category, this picture from one of our neighbor's displays on Halloween. They do it up big around here, because it's really our last chance to see everyone before the winter comes.



* and by "squirrel mitts," I mean mittens with squirrels on them, not mittens for squirrels.**

** which would be a quick knit, I suspect, but a bitch to get on the rodent.

*** Also a knitter.


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