not sure how it happened
fish seven ways.

many things make a post

* Make your own grenadine. My Dad and I were talking about all of the corn syrup in mixers and how it must be better to make your own. Now I need a recipe for homemade Rose's lime juice.

* I will know that I have "made it" when I can buy all of the Heath Ceramics dishes that my kitchen requires.

* I have some weird recollection of going here. I might have it confused with Christus Gardens, which I am saddened** to learn was knocked down not long ago.

* Frescapies! All of these sound so, so good.

* It is interesting what you find when you're looking for something else.

* Something I've always wondered: why isn't December the coldest month of the year?

* I seem to be becoming obsessed: more yarn-y wreaths.

* For the person who has everything: The Beef Jerky Purse.


** relative value of "saddened," of course. I love a surreal roadside attraction about just about any subject -- and Christus Gardens more than fit that description. Plus, now that it's gone, there's one less place that I can point to and say, "My friend Andrea almost got me kicked out of there."


I sent the Beef Jerkey Purse link to my family "For the Fashionista who has Everything." My cousin wrote back, "Good in case you get hungry while you're shopping! Might be good to attract men in a bar. The only problem is that there would be dogs following you everywhere." Which I thought was too funny not to share with a wider audience.

Is there a beef jerky man bag? Want!

Bill Maher interviewed Jesus at the Holy Land Experience for his movie "Religulous."

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