two quick things
many things make a post

not sure how it happened

 I am slowly rediscovering the top of my desk. I'm stunned, too.

I also finished the ornament that has been waiting on my desk. Here it is, in situ (or "in treetu"):


Later on, I might actually deal with Christmas cards. Again, stunned.

Kinda unrelated -- but it is because I got the above ornament  off of my desk that I found the note about this event that I'd hidden under it: For those in the Oneonta area -- The Green Toad is hosting a women-only book trivia night on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 7:30. Anyone want to team up?

Right. What else can I get done? I'm giddy from all off the finishing.


ooh! ooh! I like trivia! And books!

I'm totally in.

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