the secret to a long life is knowing when it's time to go
two quick things

qotd, dude edition

"Please turn on the light. There's too much dark."

-- Cory, age 3

I give up.

My blood adventure was just the beginning, as it turns out. Almost everything I tried to accomplish yesterday was foiled by my timing being off by *thismuch.* I spent the afternoon trying to do interview for a freelance project due on Jan. 1 but couldn't catch anyone at their desk -- even though we had prearranged when I'd call. Because of all of that -- I never did get the interviews and am trying again today because a good reporter never says, "fuck this. I'm going to bed." -- I didn't finish reading the last book  for my Locus column, which I need to do today because it's due tomorrow. Little things just kept adding up because my cosmic timing was just off.

I've decided to compensate by making cookies this afternoon.

I still don't have the interviews I need but will control what I can control and finish what I can finish. See? I can be taught that the universe won't bend to my will, no matter how much I stomp my feet and insist that it does.

In other news, we are currently waiting for the big snow to come. School is dismissing at 11:50. It looks like it might really snow-snow this time around, rather than just ice and sleet. We shall see.

I might have to break out my snow giraffe. Mmmm...winter.


This snow might be too much for the snow giraffe! You might need something taller .. a snow brontosaurus, perhaps?

Safely assuming that the snow-snow we got today in SE MI is the same snow-snow you're getting tomorrow, it will indeed be snow-snow.

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