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Yesterday's snowmageddon wasn't as bad as the weatherfolk feared. Only 5-6 inches, rather than the 7-12 that was predicted. Still, it was lovely and Christmas-y and all. Walking home from a cookie exchange last night, the Pie Goddess and I marveled at how pretty and quiet it was.

Today, the snow giraffe says:


It's supposed to start snowing again tonight and well into Sunday. I need to look around for taller toys.

Also, the bruise.

If you are squeamish, look away.



It's probably for the best that my camera and I were having some problems focusing this morning. The bruise is even more spectacular in person -- and goes almost all the way up to my armpit.

It looks much, much worse that it feels. This in no way should keep anyone from donating blood; it was just a random event that was more indicative of how my day was going than anything else*. I'll be going back once I don't have this whole hematoma thing going on.


* Yes, it is all about me.


Yikes! That does look bad. I'm glad you're going back, though. The dude and I used to give blood all the time (It's easy, people! Don't be put off by this photo!) but I've got diseases and the dude ate mad cows in the 80s. So we need to encourage the others. Thanks.

Woo hoo, that's quite a bruise. My arm looked like that once--but that was after it was bitten by a German Shepherd. It doesn't seem like a couple of needles should be able to create something that spectacular. ;)
And sadly--although I would happily give blood--I lived out of the country for 9 months in the 90's and now I am apparently at risk of mad cow. Sigh.

Actually, it was just one needle that did that. What helps it look more gruesome than it is is the fact that I am pasty.

And -- yes! -- don't be put off by the photo! I hesitated about whether to post it because I don't want anyone to hesitate but the bruise was too neat looking to pass up.

Still, this is a total anomaly. Give blood! (if you don't have diseases or Mad Cow, that is)

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