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Thanks to an evening full of football (I heart Polamalu) and tennis (I heart Andy R.), I had some concentrated knit time. Look! I finished a sleeve!


The color is more accurate in the photo below. That dark blob in the lower right is Barney, eater of handknits.


I can't get a decent natural light shot because we are now dealing with winter sun, which never really seems to shine in a satisfying way. I was hoping that the snow would give me some good bounce light but it didn't work out. How much snow?


About a foot, as of 9 a.m. this morning. Woo. It's starting to get a little wearing. Good thing we only have three more months of winter to deal with!



WAHOO!! congrats. One sleeve done, one to go. I'm very excited for you.

I wish you could join me and the other Flyin' Hawaiin fans for a Super Bowl party!

Your work on that sweater is incredible...

Wow. That's just beautiful. Knitting is magic. JE is finally beginning to see that.

So beautiful.

Good lord, that's a gorgeous sweater.

Thank ye all kindly. Now for that second sleeve...

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