qotd, um....okay edition
many things make a post

i'll spare you the details

Last Tuesday, the Hub got the stomach bug that's been circling Oneonta. I got it on Friday. You dont' really want the gritty details but it has been a loooooong couple of days. So far -- picture me knocking every wooden surface in the house -- the kids have been spared. It's just a matter of time, however.

In lieu of any real content, some pictures, which may only be of interest to the grands:

Cory tries out his new Fierce* Ninja costume:


And, in honor of the Asian Lunar New Year,** Maddy tried out the chopsticks and silk dress that my MIL brought back from her trip to China this summer:


Yes, yes, I know that chopsticks are utensils, not hair ornaments. But these are a) specifically labeled to "NOT BE USED WITH FOOD" and b) she's six and they're cute.

The dress seems to defy all attempts to photograph it. This one is the best:


Finally, your reward for reading this far is this clip.


* Picture my snapping my fingers a la Tyra when you read that.
** I wrote a story for the almost-daily about local Asian Lunar New Year traditions. I also managed to misquote someone for the first time in a long time (that I know of), to which I say: well, crap.


** Inquiring minds want to know: which was the misquote and what was wrong with it.

It's in the 4th graf from the bottom. THis quote: "In return, we would get money in red envelopes," she says.

Somehow, my brain inserted the word "red," which is true for Chinese culture but not Korean. Sallie's family, being Korean, didn't do red envelopes. I'm just irritated that my brain heard a word that wasn't there.

It's a beautiful dress, even if it defies photographing.

The other day I was trying to type the word "virgin" and kept typing it "version". I hate brain dysfunctions.

Misquotes suck for everyone involved. As someone who is often quoted in the media -- I'm always thrilled when a reporter shows up with a digital recorder. (I hasten to add that I know for a fact that you, Adrienne, hardly ever misquote people ... but not everyone is that good).

The irritating thing is that I did record it and screwed up the transcribing. Silly brain.

Again, it's not a huge thing but at U of Texas journalism school we were assured that a baby kitten died every time we screwed up something small. It's pretty hardcore, Longhorn J-school. Big mistakes were the cause of unspeakable horrors that I dare not mention.

And thanks for the faith, Shelley.

Yup, it's a beautiful dress, Jupiter. And M looks lovely in it, if I do say so myself. When did she get so big?

A ninja with a gigham head band? I checked my book on becoming a ninja - black only. Unless of course the ninja is invisible. In hat case you cannot tell what is being worn, or if in fact anything at all.

I agree, M looks lovely.

SEE!? That you had a digital recorder is proof positive of how good you are.

Oh, and re: the advanced journalism class referenced in your "nightstand" section -- not sure exactly what you have in mind for reading material, but Studs Terkel is short-form in books like "Working," and Gore Vidal's essays are fabulous. Not sure these would serve your purpose, but throwing 'em out there...

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