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* A quote in honor of the inauguration: "The peaceful transfer of power in the democracy should always be celebrated with cupcakes." Said by Peg Hambright, genius behind Magpies cakes, which is the best baked good in Knoxville and, quite possibly, east Tennessee, even, perhaps, the entire Eastern Time zone, but I've not made an exhaustive study. But Peg's frosting is the frosting of my dreams.

* Also in honor of the inaug., John Oliver talks to the BBC about how comedy will fare in the age of Obama.

* My mind, it appears, can be easily blown. All it takes is a demonstration of dyeing the yarn after you knit the shawl. That's just crazy talk! Fabulous, fabulous crazy talk!

* The producers of Bones talk about the Fox censors. Hilarity ensues.

* Why sometimes, when it comes to children, the best thing to do is nothing other than provide hot soup and a warm lap.

* I don't know why it took a fancy study to prove this but novels teach us the social rules of our culture. In other news, water still wet.

* Speaking of great statements of the obvious, women no longer know how to be thrifty in the kitchen. What this article leaves out, of course, is that men are also perfectly capable of a) cooking and b) thrift but why should we encourage them to worry their pretty little heads about it.


The dying thing is interesting, as I'm about to embark on some KoolAid dying.

WRT thrift in the kitchen, that stuff isn't hard, it just takes time and organization. Most of us would rather pay a little extra to have more time for knitting and sci-fi (or whatever. My chances of getting JE to be thrifty in the kitchen are nil b/c he has no patience for that kind of thing.

Hey, "novels teach us the social rules of our culture" and "and provide a safe way of trying out subversion" was my dissertation thesis. You'd be amazed at what They let you get away with.

Gordon Ransey's UK show F-word was a show that mixed differing bits of cooking, but was centered around teaching one woman to cook each week. He contended that many women (granted he was really addressing women of London) did not know how to cook. And yes, each woman in their own kitchen seemed baffled by the whole thing. Since this is a UK article I feel like it is picking up where F-word left off. It was Ramsey's crusade and perhaps he sloughed off the mantle.

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