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A reminder for local book-lovin' ladies: The Green Toad Bookstore is having its Book Triva night this Thursday. Anyone wanna form a team? Bring on the book trash-talk. I got your Yeats right here.

* These shoes would be better with live goldfish.

* Yet another reason to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup: It might be full of mercury.

* If you've ever wondered what Slate's Seth Steveson looks like, now's your chance. The picture also proves that it's impossible to look suave on a Segway.

* Can fasting flush the toxins out of your body? Or just the cash out of your wallet? (caveat: I don't understand why people fast, nor do I buy that you can leach toxins out through the bottoms of your feet. I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of anatomy isn't as strong as it could be but none of these methods of "cleansing" pass my personal sniff test.)

* Where does faith end and abuse begin?

* It's not survival of the fittest. It's survival of the most adaptable. (Who would then become the fittest -- but I'm picking nits).

* Jennifer Weiner hits the nail on its tiny-yet-proverbial head with this analysis of the reviews of male v. female memoirisists. Wonder if she wants a copy of my book...


I have a 2 degree separation from Weiner.. I could point her in your direction if you'd like...

Not to get into the detox thing too much, but, while I agree that the things on the feet are probably BS, but WRT fasting, there are some compelling studies on calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, etc. and longevity.

And while the NYTimes article starts with a bit about Fat Flush, I've done FF, and to call it a detox diet is a bit of a simplification. The diet's author is into the detox concept, there's a lot of interesting nutrition theory behind it too (removing then reintroducing common allergens, eating to balance your insulin levels, etc.) In many ways, it's a shame she's fallen into the trap of commercializing a diet. I think it takes away from the good stuff in her plan.

Not surprised by the NYT reviews. You should analyze how they write about women writers of violence sometime. Oh, wait. I did that.

Also, v. interesting on the toxin flushes. Given the regularity with which I have colonoscopies (not high colonics) I figure I don't need any additional "detoxification."

Anj - Please do, should you think of it.

T - I understand what you're saying and the hypothesis that calorie restriction leads to longer lives appears to be gaining traction. My problem is, I guess, how these things are marketed, how what seems to work gets smooshed with what's just wacky. It's such a murky area that my knee-jerk response it to write it all off. Which means I ought to check my knees, maybe.

Anna - how regularly are you getting colonoscopies? Is it time for an intervention? I kid.

can i be on your trivia team?

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