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* Knit Wash's sweater.  He is a leaf on the wind...

* Colleen rants about the state of YA/MG publishing. I could add my rant about  the state of non-fiction publishing --it would start "1.6 million for Laura Bush? Really?" -- but it would cover essentially the same ground.

* Felting sweaters and snow days. [sarcasm]And, seriously, could we have more snow days, please, Mr Superintendent? You'd think we lived in Florida, where cold temps and frozen flakes of water are cause for panic. We all own shovels and coats. We know how to deal. Really. [/sarcasm]

* What frightens me is that I scored 100 percent on the First Ladies who have been seated during my lifetime on this quiz. I had no idea I was paying that much attention.

* Fargo in cross stitch.

* The Slacktivist on the purpose of government. To which I say, "Preach on, brother. Preach on."

* The handbook we all need. Shelve it next to your 2008 tax forms.

* ETA: I hit post before I read the NYT's science section -- Gluten-free pastas and pasta e fagoili (fazool), the importance of teaching your kids manners and Paul Offit, whose book dares suggest that there is no link between autism and vaccines, is labeled a terrorist.

Classes start up again tomorrow. Woo.


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