the workers control the means of production
qotd, um....okay edition

the bohus

I can only begin to explain how much I'd like to go to the Bohus exhibit in Minneapolis. Click on that link and take a look at those sweaters. Now imagine what they look like in person. You want to go now, too, don't you?

I can almost justify a trip out there as "research." Almost.

But what's really holding me back is a) the semester has started and getting away for longer than 24 hours is tricky, b) it's colder there than here (and it's really flippin' cold here) and c) I have a book I've got to finish writing.

Still. I can feel my justification engines working overtime on this one. Perhaps if I have a nice lie-down it will all go away.

Apropos of none of that -- Ellen Kushner linked to an On The Media piece about Dubya and the media. What amazes me is how many of those abuses I'd blocked out. I'm starting to wonder if I remember the last eight years at all. Maybe Dana Perino's Men in Black light flashy thingie works better than I thought.


I too would like to go and see the exhibit. I wish it was a travelling exhibit, we have our own Swedish institute here. *sigh.

If you need a shotgun to your roadtrip, I call it.

I wonder if the Philly Swedish institute could be persuaded. Letter writing campaign, perhaps?

Could we have a central ny weep-a-thon for those of us left behind with miles of unrelenting stockinette but *excellent* taste in yarn? But we do all want you to finish your book, so we have a vested (no, that's not a pun) interest in your staying behind. I hope it's going well!

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