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First - the Dizzy Sheep is seeking knitters and crocheters to add squares to their Blanket of Change. I'm representing for the Empire State. There are still states in need of love. I'm looking at you Tennessee.

Second - I was completely thrown off guard yesterday while watching the Inauguration. About 11:45, I burst into happy tears and didn't really stop until the " help me God." It's like my disgust and cynicism finally let down its shields enough to let actual emotion seep out. I know there's a metric ton of work to be done and that we may all look back in 4 years and wonder what the heck we were thinking -- but, still, it's nice to care.

Last - The Diva lost another tooth over the long weekend. She then spent the next 24 hours complaining that the Tooth Fairy leaves her friends more than the $1 she gets, which is, to her, one of the great indignities of the universe. I suggested she send her teeth out for a competitive bid. I also pointed out that the bottom has totally dropped out of the baby tooth market and that, if she's lucky, she might get $1 per cubic meter of baby teeth but there are no guarantees in this economy. I was once again informed that I am "weird." She did drop the subject, however, which proves that it's always better to baffle than to argue.


I wept with joy when he said, "As for our common defence, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals."

I know this is crazy, but I had a vision that I should cross-stitch the text of the speech. The dude thinks it would be cool. I can see myself on the local news defending myself for having done it.

We had a "snow day" here (HA!), but the gift was watching it together. Tears were shed by all but R, who wanted to know why he didn't verbatim "ask not what your country...", so at least we knew she was listening.
Had Peg's cupcakes, too, sorry you couldn't but told her you had given a shout out here...
BTW, R only gets a $ as well. We started that with L years ago with a Sacagawea coin when she told us one of her classmates got $20 for each tooth (and it was true circa 99.)

Back in my day, when I had to walk up hill three miles to school in negative temperatures, I only got 25 cents per tooth.

I will confess to being an overly generous tooth fairy. My kids get at least $5 and we pay out big ($20) for the first tooth. I am embarrassed to admit to this system, but it works for us. We don't give allowances as of yet and my kids don't generally get cash as gifts for birthdays or Christmas from friends or relatives, so they never have their own money. I want to give them enough money from the tooth fairy so they can actually find something to buy without me supplementing. They get so excited to make those tooth fairy purchases!

Anna - I say go for it. But have you seen the full text? It would be a lot of stitching. Maybe just highlights?

What gets me about the tooth thing is that I *know* M's friends aren't getting much more than $1. I suspect she's trying to guilt us into coughing up more. Won't work, mind. But I admire the effort.

And, susan, weirdly, M always seems to have more cash than we do at any given moment. She gets $2 per week as an allowance yet manages to never spend it.

I had the same reaction to the inauguration. I was so moved and so surprised that I was moved. Too many years of holding in the frustration and discontent. Things may not change quickly but at least there is a hope that change may be coming.

Speaking of Tennessee:
Nashville may make English official language

Which leads one to ask the obvious question: they speak English in Tennessee?

I like your style. :)

I woke up on Wednesday morning knowing that the spectre of the Bush years has passed. There's a different feeling in the air -- like maybe something really can be done. Phew.

You could do what my mom did.. gave me silver dollars.. which are worth more than silver and a hiding if spent. I still have all of them...

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