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qotd, economics and children edition

too cold. can't think.

I was going to work up something smart and thoughtful about Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the reprint of The Yellow Wallpaper. The Guardian article kinda sums it up, however. For me, the question really is: how did not lose her mind more quickly than she did?

In other news, it is cold here. So cold that I can't quite get my brain to work in any meaningful way. So -- two pixs:

Over the weekend I made cupcakes from a Sprinkles kit that I'd picked up on sale at Williams-Sonoma.


They were very, very good. I don't know that I'd ever pay the full $14 asking price but those Sprinkles folks make a damn tasty product.

In case you wondered about the my daily working conditions (and, no, I don't know why you would):


This is what I usually see when I look down. From left to right -- my leg, the corner of my chair, a cat who can't generate enough body heat despite his big furry coat and a space heater.


You are so fortunate to have that cute, cute tuxedo cat. I miss mine so much.

Oh, shucks, Debra. I'm sorry that your tuxedo cat is no longer with you. I'm sure our tuxedo Barney would love to have your lap here to snuggle with, since I am mean and keep my body heat to myself when I'm trying to get some work done.

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