i should have been a plumber
qotd, v-day edition

bird by bird

Thanks for all of the "you go, grrl"s yesterday. Every little bit helps. And, for the record, I'm not on the ledge or anything. Just really frackin' tired of this stupid, stupid book that has become my albatross.

The general grump is that I'm now in the vast and dreaded middle. Beginnings are fun, because there's such a sense of uncharted territory and a certain joy at discovery. Endings are awesome because you know you're almost done. But middles? Middles are hard. You know where you're going but you still have to write all of the damn words that will get you there.

With middles, the voices in your head start to get loud because they are getting bored and tired. They start to suggest that you suck. They start to suggest that it would be best to take a break, even though you know in your rational mind that if you stop, the inertia will be so great that you'll never start again. Feh. Middles.

So, here I am. Still in the middle, which is where I will be for the next couple of weeks, and loathing it. The only thing worse than being here is, frankly, not being here, because I'd still need to through here and would be putting it off.

And that's probably more than you could ever hope to know about my writing process.

We carry on.


You're my hero. I really wanted to type the words to Wind Beneath My Wings but I'm just not that good...

Hang in there and give me something to read, damn it.

I think a lot of life is the middle. I hear ya, I really do.

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