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can we call this 10,000 words?

Mary Tudor, Queen of France:


I thought about being all coy, like, "Did I finish it? Read the book and find out!" But, dudes, I suck at coy. Ask anyone I've ever flirted with.  And, so, here she is, on her wooly board in my filthy kitchen. I would have put her outside, to dry in the sun like the Shetlanders do,  but I was afraid she'd freeze.


I was either pinning or genuflecting. Your call.


When did I get so gray? Must get some Lady Clarol.

Now to finish up the more mentally taxing portion of the project. By Monday, it will all be out of my hands for a while. Or my brain will have exploded. Either is likely.


FABULOUS! Great job.

It's gorgeous! You are an artist.

WOOT! That is one beautiful, beautiful sweater. Great job!

(Does your woolly board try to tip over? Mine does, alas. That may be caused by the fact that nothing in this house, especially not the floors, is plumb, but maybe it is also in the nature of woolly boards?)

She's lovely!

Ahh, it's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Oh, Adrienne! Just gorgeous. A work of art.

Wow! Just--wow.
I vote for genuflecting.

Good on ya!

Gorgeous! Congrats. Now come visit and model for me ;)



holy crow! it is AMAZING ... and i know one day you will be able to look at it with appreciation instead of just wanting to light it on fire.

and godspeed on the words part.

GO Adrienne! What a gorgious sweater! Work of art really. I bow to your madd skillz.

Wow, you are amazing and that sweater is a beauty. I'm looking forward to the book.

Good GOD, that is one beautiful sweater. Nice job!

FANTASTIC! What a an amazing accomplishment. All that and a wooly board, too. Congratulations! What a great boost during this long, dark winter. I think it calls for some nice champagne, too (the real kind...from France).

holy cow that's gorgeous! good work and congrats!

I can't even imagine tackling such a project. You must be the queen of knitting.

I am currently on page 163 of your book and couldn't stand it anymore. I had to google you to see if I could find an image of your sweater. It is stunning. congratulations!! p.s. i am in love with your book. when I finish it i am sending it to my grandmother (also an avid knitter and reader) post-haste.

WOW! I saw your book at the B & N today. The sweater is amazing. A work of art.

Ha! I started your book last night - 100 pages in - and couldn't resist looking you up on the Interwebs. The book makes me guffaw (and provides a delightful respite from the graduate school titles I've been bound to lately) and the sweater is beautiful!

I hope I didn't just ruin the ending of the book...

Found n bought your book at Barns and Nobles. Like others I had to come have a "look see". Beautiful! Great Job and worth the time! I am so glad that you had photos to share! Thank You!

I just finished your book and had to check out "The Sweater". I love both, and laughed all the way through Sweater Quest. Especially the parts about counting, the bane of my existence, which I read aloud to my husband. Thanks for the terrific read.

I also just finished your book (got it at the library) and wanted a good look at The Sweater. It's amazing. Congratulations on finishing it. Your book made me giggle; maybe because I saw myself in it too many times.
I was amused at the inside look at the whole Alice Starmore controversy. I guess because we were building a house at that time, I missed all the hoohah. Can anyone really copyright the word "Alice"? Too silly, but she is enormously talented.

a gorgeous piece of artwork. Congratulations on a job well done.

I just finished your book and I just had to check this out. I had wondered in to a bookstore because I was locked out of my apartment until my partner got home and it was cold. I was keeping myself occupied in the craft section, and just as the shop was about to close I spotted the book, sitting on the shelf staring at me innocently. Well, once I did get in the house I couldn't put the book down. So much of your struggles making the cardigan are parallel where my life is at right now. I have never made a sweater out of it, simply because I couldn't find a pattern that begged me to create it. Until recently, when I was waiting in line at a yarn shop in my hometown. So I've started a yarn fund out of my tip money and, bar any unforeseen financial dilemma, I will hopefully begin to make it in a few weeks. Thank you for the inspiration and courage!

I've been reading your book for a few days now, and I finally had to Google the Mary Tudor to see what it looked like.

A. Maz. Ing.

Love your book and your sweater

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